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How many of us creators, writers, musicians, authors, CEO's and any other task masters sit down, and struggle to get started with our mission of the day. Well that's where being organized is a mandatory skill like any other skill has to be practiced, practiced and practiced some more to become second nature, habitual, and locked into your muscle memory just like tying your shoes.

Here I have created a platform to discuss my method of being a Master of My Universe.

Let the world know your method here as well, everyone has a method and your input will surely help others find their way.

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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

- Can be the life of the party, but it depends on the situation.

In most situations you are just taking in the scene from afar, this is your natural habitat.

- You enjoy being in the party atmosphere, for hours…

…but out of nowhere your fun timer stops.. it's time to bounce up outta there.

- You definitely prefer meaningful conversation, small talk is exhausting.

Similar to extroverts, you enjoy conversation — but, like introverts, you hate small talk. (You can do it, and have mastered it, but it sometimes just doesn't seem genuine.)

- There are limits to your social comfort zone.

You’re comfortable socializing most of the time, but when there is nothing to talk about, there's nothing to talk about, period, and that's ok with you, just be quiet.

- You’re very reserved and laid back in most settings.

There are three personalities in all of us and you have mastered them all. You display a very different personality to co-workers and casual acquaintances another to lovers and casual friends and then another to family and close friends. If you don’t know someone well, you tend to be much more reserved.

- Introvert or Extrovert?

All depends on how you’re feeling. Descriptions of both explain your personality equally. And if you ask your friends if they think you’re an introvert or extrovert, it's hard for them to answer accurately (and they just smile, with a shrug).

- You chill and blend into the scene.

You’re excited to go to social occasions, however usually you start out just checking out the scene and everyone around you.

- You take alone time very seriously.

You understand that you need it to re-energize and re-group, and usually one night alone usually does the trick. An entire weekend by yourself leaves you wondering what you’re missing, but if that happens, it's not a big deal.

- You always think before you speak.

You don’t have any issues expressing how you feel and putting them into words, as many introverts do. On the other hand, you’ll often wait to hear what others say first before you express your opinion on any topic.

- You are a great listener.

This may be your greatest superpower.

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